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Getting a home loan shouldn’t stop you from living your life. It’s seriously fast and easy to apply online: check out the steps below.

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Perth’s best construction loan lenders are here when you need us with everything you need to know. We do it all before you go to a builder or real estate agent.

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Some lenders are taking more than 2 months to even look at loan applications. We’ll let you know what you could borrow in a fraction of that time.

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Get it right in three steps.

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Step 1: Get in touch

Chat to one of our Perth-based people to answer any questions and find out what you’ll need to provide for an application (it’s less than you’d think).

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Step 2: Apply online

Securely upload the few pieces of ID and other bits we need to know to work out your new home loan amount. Then sit back and start looking at your options.

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Step 3: Choose your place

We’re your wingman (or wingwoman) when it comes to getting a better deal from your lender whether you’re buying ready-built or off the plan.

Borrow sooner. Buy smarter. Build better.

Lendable puts first home buyers in control of the situation. We’ll work with whatever your financial situation is to get a better deal from your lender.

Let’s supercharge your HomeBuilder Grant!


That feels like money down the toilet, right? And who else has used that toilet!? Let us know what you pay in rent and we’ll see what you can build and own.


Good stuff! If you have some cash aside, it helps to secure an even better rate for your new home building loan. Now let’s make ‘your place’ happen.


We get it: new home finance and the $45K worth of new homeowner government grants are tough to navigate. Let’s have a chat and answer your questions.

First home owner FAQs
& resources:

  • What is LMI? ...and why you might not need it.

    • LMI is Lender’s Mortgage Insurance. In a nutshell, it’s another bank fee to cover their insurance in case a borrower (you) stops paying the mortgage. In Australia, LMI is usually a requirement if your home building loan deposit is under 20%. We can cleverly help get around LMI to save you heaps.

  • When should I do my pre-start?

    • If you wish to add this to your mortgage it will need to take place prior to your broker ordering a valuation on your property. Most builders will build a pre-start allowance into the contract in case you are delayed doing this. Be aware a building rep will shave this off if they are trying to get you a lower price on a house.

  • Is my house and land deposit refundable?

    • Yes and No!! Your land deposit will be refundable if you signed the O&A subject to finance. If you are declined your deposit should be refunded. Builder deposits are NOT refundable.

See us first, then find your floor plan.

We’ll be the first to show you what’s possible. As an independent finance broker in WA specialising in new home loans, we know the best offers around right now.

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